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Reiki Teaching

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Reiki Courses and Shares Overview

“The recipient is the healer”

Although Reiki is a Complementary Therapy, similar to Massage or Reflexology, unlike other therapies, Reiki is a way of life that empowers us to become more resourceful, reduces stress and generates a greater sense of balance and well-being.


Reiki is a gentle, simple, and very powerful healing modality that can be used to help yourself, your family, your clients and patients, your animals and most everything else.


Therefore, Reiki is all about moving more into a state of balance on all levels, achieving more balance in your life. Moving into a state of balance may involve the resolution of some health problems, it may involve a change in beliefs and attitudes, it may involve making decisions that have been put off or ignored for a long time, and a realisation of one’s true values and priorities in life. Reiki is all about change: change for the better, finding out what is right for you in your life and making decisions to move you closer to what is right for you.


Reiki restores energetic balance and facilitates growth and healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is simple to learn and to use; Reiki is an ideal tool for every one of all ages, most especially all healthcare professionals.

Reiki complements and enhances all types of medical treatment. It has no side effects and no contraindications. Reiki is safe for all ages, from premature babies to the elderly.


Reiki accelerates wound healing and relieves pain and emotional distress. It produces a feeling of mental clarity, calmness, well-being, and spiritual connection in the recipient.


To learn Reiki is to awaken spiritually and to embark on a journey of holistic healing- of both you and of others around you. Reiki promotes holistic healing as it helps to bring positive change across the whole of your life – on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, as well as the physical level. Choosing to connect to Reiki, or Universal Spiritual energy is choosing to connect with yourself on a deeper level and ultimately reveals the interconnectedness or Oneness of all things.



Incorporating a combination of both Western and Eastern teachings of the method of Reiki, Tree of Health and Wellbeing Tenerife courses, allow students to learn traditional techniques from both sides. Teaching mainly from the Eastern method with an emphasis on the meditative, intuitive and mindful perspective, retaining the authenticity of the system.


All Reiki courses are only taught with a maximum of 6 participants. You will attend workshops for two consecutive days for each level:


As a certified teacher, courses are delivered to a very high standard and are accompanied with full course manuals. On completion of each course, you will receive a certificate and copy of your Reiki lineage.



This 2-day course teaches the foundation of Reiki which is a good introduction to the history, philosophy, theory and practical uses of the method.


It includes practical exercises and meditations which by the end of the course, students will feel the flow of Reiki and be confident in giving treatments to family, friends, pets and all manner of other things.

Students will be able to use it for self-healing of body, mind and spirit and for the start of personal and spiritual development. All courses comply with the authentic and traditional Core Curriculum for Reiki.


Courses are taught in a relaxed style and environment, in very small groups to give plenty of support and with time for questions and discussion. During the training days, you will receive the appropriate attunements/empowerments, meditate, experience and practise Reiki as well as ask questions with no more than five other participants.


Reiki is such a wonderful and easy spiritual method to learn and can be learned by anyone. This energy healing, as it is not bound by any belief system. We all have the capability to access this innate ability.


Many people learn Reiki just for themselves and their loved ones, but these courses will also teach how to practice professionally after students have gained their Reiki 2 certification.



  • 4 attunements to start the flow of Reiki energy
  • The History of the Method of Reiki
  • Reiki Philosophy
  • The Reiki Principles/Precepts
  • Reiki Meditations and techniques
  • Hands on Healing
  • What is Healing?
  • What is Energy?
  • The Hara Line
  • Energy Cleansing Techniques
  • The 21-day clearing process
  • The 12 hand positions
  • How to conduct a Reiki Self-Treatment
  • How to give a Reiki Treatments to Others
  • Treating Pets, Animals, and Plants
  • Healing Situations
  • The importance of understanding our “Mind”.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Sacred Space


For more information, please contact us




This 2-day course intensifies the ability to use Reiki and is the practitioner level which enables students to give treatments professionally to the general public. It introduces three of the Reiki symbols which deepens and focuses the use of Reiki both in daily life and during treatments.


We look at the deeper philosophies of Reiki which enables students to deepen their own personal spiritual practice, growth, understanding and healing. Once the course is complete, students will be able to acquire professional insurance and begin their own professional practice, although many just want to learn Reiki 2 to deepen their own personal practice.


All courses comply with the Core Curriculum for Reiki.  Courses are taught in a relaxed style and environment, in very small groups to give plenty of support and with time for questions and discussion


  • Reiki 2 Attunements
  • Revision of Reiki 1
  • A deeper understanding of the precepts
  • Learn and Practice the Power Symbol and Mantra
  • Learn and Practice the Harmony Symbol and Mantra
  • Learn and Practice the Distance/Connection Symbol and Mantra
  • The Kotodamas
  • Using the Symbols in a Self-Treatment
  • Using the Symbols on Others and Other Things Situations
  • Intuitive Reiki
  • Body Scanning
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Using Reiki for personal growth
  • Deeper Meditation Techniques
  • Distance Treatments
  • Sending Reiki to Situations
  • How to Conduct a Professional Treatment, Ethics and Law
  • Starting a Professional Reiki Practice




Participants must have attended a level 1 course (including follow up day) and completed the self-reflection assignments.


If you have completed your level 1 with a different lineage, we can arrange a time to meet to ensure that you are confident to proceed to level 2. There is no cost for this.


For more information, please contact us



Once a month as advertised on social media or by invitation, we enjoy a Reiki Share evening from 7 pm to 9 pm


Includes a guided meditation, short inspirational talk, and the actual Reiki Share, where each participant receives Reiki from more than one practitioner at the same time.


For more information or to book a place please contact