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Stretch ‘n’ Flex

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Stretch n Flex

A playground for your joints, ease stiffness and lower back pain with precise stretches, relaxing breathing and low impact conditioning exercises. Walk tall and feel better.


Stretch classes incorporate fascial release techniques with lengthening stretches to aid muscle recovery and ease any tension, aches or pains in the body. These techniques also encourage muscles to elongate, detoxify and ultimately become more flexible.


Flexibility training is a hugely important part of Tree of Health & Wellbeing Tenerfie fitness. Supple, flexible muscles make correct positioning easier. The more accurate the alignment, the longer we can hold them for, and the deeper we work our muscles.


Everyone’s favourite element of this class is the focus on diaphragmatic breathing throughout, which calms both the body and mind – leaving you relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day.


The journey and benefits…

Through a series of stretches and postures you will improve flexibility, mobility and agility in this purposely designed class. Effective in reducing the risk of injury, improving posture and coordination. Classes can vary in the sequence of stretches allowing the instructor to mix up the class each week targeting different areas of the body from back to hamstrings to hip flexors. This low intensity workout will help you tone up areas including legs, glutes, abs and arms using body weight exercises to improve strength, tone and flexibility.


Remember, change in the body takes place during recovery, not while we’re burning and shaking, which is why flexibility training is so impactful!


We highly recommend adding just a minimum of one Stretch n Flex class a week to your workout regime to help you achieve transformative results even faster. But if you want to do more… welcome!


It’s also suitable for all clients whatever their fitness level.